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Responsible Officer:

Director Social Protection (D/SP)

Social protection for the Vulnerable Groups seeks to protect the vulnerable groups from deprivation and livelihood risks. It also complements service delivery in all sectors because Social Protection (SP) is considered to be a vital intervention for strengthening the social capital of the poor and enhancing their social inclusion in the development process. Its emphasis is on increasing access to equal opportunities, enhancing equity and protection as well as safe guarding the rights of the vulnerable groups.

Specifically, it is responsible for: formulating social policy, developing Standards, Guidelines, Strategies, Action Plans, Laws and Acts; providing advocacy and networking; mobilizing funds for vulnerable groups’ projects, programmes and plans at all levels as well as carrying out monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes.

It does not only provide care, support and welfare services but also provides training and skills development to youth, disabled persons and abandoned/lost children in the centres. In addition, the Vote function supports: children in conflict with the law (juvenile delinquents) to access justice as well as the Autonomous institutions including National Youth Councils (NYC); National Council for Children (NCC) as well as the National Disability Council (NDC).

Social Protection for the vulnerable groups is provided through public investment programmes and projects such as Elderly and Disability; Youth and Children 
Affairs Programme; Expanded Social Protection Programme (ESPP) and Promotion of Children and Youth (PCY) project. The services are also delivered through the funded activities delivered by the semi autonomous institutions like the NYC, NCC and NDC.