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 Uganda performs well internationally in terms of its approach to children in conflict with the law. It has ratified the main international treaties, enshrining their key principles in the Uganda Children Act cap.59, which includes a comprehensive outline of the rights of such children. In Uganda, children in conflict with the law are principally the responsibility of the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development. However, the Uganda Police Force and the Judiciary of the Republic of Uganda are also important partners. Detained children are placed in one of the four remand homes in Fort Portal, Gulu, Naguru, or Mbale. In addition, the Kampiringisa National Rehabilitation Centre detains sentenced children from the whole of Uganda. To monitor activities within these Remand Homes, the Remand Homes Management Information system (RHMIS) is an IT e Government System for Monitoring activities and welfare of children in the Remand Homes in Uganda.