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The National Council for Older Persons, a semi- autonomous body was established by the National Council of Older Persons Act 2013. The Council is under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. This Council is mandated to a)Act as a coordinating body at National level through which the needs, Problems, concerns, potentials and abilities of Older Persons can be communicated to government and its agencies and other stakeholders; b) Monitor the extent to which Government, NGOs and the private sector include and meet the needs of Older Persons in their planning and service delivery; Advocate for the promotion of development of programmes designed to improve the lives and situation of Older Persons; Provide a structure through which free and fair elections of representatives of Older Persons will be conducted at any level of Local Governments and National level.
The National Council for Older Persons is seeking to recruit highly motivated and qualified individuals to fill up the following positions

  1. Executive Secretary
  2. Programme Officer
  3. Accountant
  4. Driver

Download the detailed job descriptions in the link below;

Jobs National  Council For Older Persons’ Secretariat