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 Inclusive Green Growth for Poverty Reduction (IGGPR) Project

Request for Proposals for Access to Grants for Innovation Fund for Green Jobs Creation

The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (Responsible Party), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is implementing Inclusive Green Growth for Poverty Reduction Project. The Project aims at  providing technical, technological, operational and financial support to the relevant Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and non-state institutions so that:
i.    at the upstream level, by 2017 policies and legal/regulatory frameworks are strengthened  and linked for NRM, livelihood and job creation,
ii.    at mid-stream level, by 2018 NRM policies and legal frameworks are operationalized in inclusive and adequately coordinated manner,
iii.    at downstream level, by 2019 the public is empowered to engage in sustainable NRM and,  
iv.    by 2020 cost-effective alternative energy solutions for domestic needs are scaled-up.

The primary beneficiaries of the project are the women (adult), youth (young females and males) and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) especially the poor so that their productive and income generation capacities and livelihood opportunities are improved in an environmentally sustainable manner.
One of the key deliverables is the provision of grants to youth groups and individuals who are starting and undertaking innovation projects. In accordance with National Guidelines and Manual for Innovation Fund for Green Jobs, a systematic process of selection of beneficiary is well elaborated in the Manual.

The main project objective is to support vulnerable groups establish innovations in Natural resource management, livelihoods and job creation for enhanced productivity and income generation. The specific objectives of the Innovations Fund include the following;
i.    To enhance financial inclusion of vulnerable groups through provision of grants and other financial services for effective management of natural resources and job creation
ii.    To increase access to agricultural inputs and marketing facilities for improved natural resource utilization
iii.    To strengthen implementation of policies and legal/regulatory frameworks linked to natural resource management, livelihood and job creation

Available Funds

The Ministry has therefore set a side UShs.30million that will be accessed by either 3 groups or individuals with either innovative projects or have planned to start them. Each applicant is expected to access not more than UShs10 million.

Submission of Applications and Deadline

Those who are interested in the funds for innovation projects are requested to download the Request for Proposal, Application Form and Business Plan Form from the website: www.mglsd.go.ug or obtain hardcopy from Finance and Administration Officer, Level 4, Simbamanyo Building.
The deadline for submission is 15th May 2017.

All Applications are to be delivered to the Address Below;

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
P.O Box 7136, KAMPALA.
Simbamanyo Building 2nd Floor
Plot 2 George Street


Download application and full advert here