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Following Cabinet approval of Green Jobs and Fair Labour Market Programme and further directive on the Pilot of Songhai Model on a Government Land in December 2016. The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has kick-started the implementation of the Programme. The programme is aimed at creation of green and decent employment, enhancement labour productivity, and reduction of poverty reduction.  The programme targets both educated and uneducated women and youth. Overall, the programme contributes to reduction of the high levels of unemployment among educated and uneducated through: -
i.    promotion of workplace re-skilling and skilling for educated and un-educated;
ii.    promotion of resource efficiency and social safeguards at workplaces;
iii.    enhancement for the productivity of workers and enterprises

The programme has Six (6) components, namely;
i.    Support to the Informal Sector Businesses (Jua-Kalis);
ii.    Revitalization of Quality Apprenticeship and Volunteerism at workplaces;
iii.    Adoption of Songhai Model – Uganda Green Incubation Programme (UGIP).
iv.    Establishment of Industrial Business Shelters with Common-User Facilities in Kampala Capital City Authority and other Urban areas of Uganda;
v.    Strengthen Social Safeguards in Infrastructure Development Projects;
vi.    Strengthening the Local Governments and KCCA in Job creation and productivity enhancement;

The Programme is GoU and Development Partners/UN Agencies funded and is being implemented with Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, UNDP and ILO. The Programme is implemented in all districts and Municipalities of Uganda.

The Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development is therefore seeking to recruit short term contract to support the effective implementation of programme interventions. The Programme Staff will be stationed at Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

  1. Skills Development and Employability Specialist
  2. Quality Productivity Engineer
  3. Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Specialist
  4. Communication Officer
  5. Legal Officer
  6. Environment and Social Development Officer
  7. Partnership and Resource Mobilization Officer
  8. Research and Training Officer
  9. Technical Safety Assistant – Energy and Petroleum
  10. Projects Construction Assistant
  11. Occupational Safety Assistant
  12. Community Outreach Assistant
  13. Research Assistant
  14. Administrative Assistant
  15. Driver

Download detailed job descriptions below

Vacanices Green Jobs and Fair Market Programme