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Strategic objectives:

  • To ensure that national policies, laws and programmes address gender and women concerns

  • To develop capacity for gender mainstreaming and promotion of women’s empowerment

  • To promote the advancement of women in all spheres of development

  • To monitor compliance and report on international and regional treaties, protocol, conventions and agreements on gender and women’s advancement

Key Functions of the Department:

  • Formulation and review of policies and legislation on gender and women empowerment

  • Develop strategies on gender and women’s advancement

  • Training and capacity building of sectors and local Governments to mainstream gender and address women’s concerns

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of Government legislations, policies and programmes related to gender and women’s empowerment

  • Provide advice and technical support supervision to Local Governments and other stakeholders

  • Develop and set standards for Gender Mainstreaming for sectors and Local Governments.

  • Create awareness among communities and the public at large on the need to address gender concerns

  • Participation in negotiation and implementation of regional, national and international protocols

  • Research and documentation on gender and the situation of women in Uganda

  • Coordination and consultations with stakeholders and partners at all levels on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

  • Mobilize necessary resources through planning, budgeting and reporting for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment programmes