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The institution commenced in 1975 as Fort Portal Girls Approved School and Remand Home. In 1996 when the Children’s Statute came into force the Girls Approved School wing was abolished but the Remand Home remained operational. The home caters for children in conflict with the law both boys and girls between the ages of 12years to 18years, the home has capacity to accommodate up to 50 juveniles but o average it caters for 25 juveniles. Children are admitted to the home through Remand warrants from the courts of law.

Aims and objectives:
•    To accommodate children in conflict with the law.
•    Providing care and protection to juveniles.
•    To provide counselling to the juveniles.
•    To enable juveniles to attend court as their cases are on going.
•    To resettle juveniles back into their communities after release from court.
•    To equip juveniles with skills that can be useful to them when they go back to their communities.
Types of offences:
These mainly include; Murder, Manslaughter, Defilement, Robbery, Theft, Assault, Breaking and Entering, Trespass. All these cases are tried by either the Family and Children’s court or the High court.

Activities carried out:
•    Court attendance
•    Guidance and counselling
•    Tracing for relatives and resettlement
•    Skills training in small scale gardening and poultry farming
•    Spiritual Development
•    Recreation activities like sporting both in door and outdoor games