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The Mandate of the Ministry is to mobilize and empower communities to harness their potential while, protecting the rights of vulnerable population groups.
The Ministry promotes issues of labour productivity and employment, social protection, gender equality & equity, human rights, culture and empowerment;
Overall, the Ministry aims to achieve a better standard of living, equity and social cohesion;
The Ministry is responsible for the protection and promotion of the rights of the vulnerable population, addressing gender inequalities, ensuring cultural growth, labour and employment as well as community mobilization and empowerment. Therefore, the Ministry plays a fundamental role in creating demand for social services and laying a foundation for other sectors to improve their outcomes.

“A better standard of living, equity and social cohesion”
“Promotion of gender equality, social protection and transformation of communities”
“Promote employment and productivity, positive cultural values, rights of vulnerable groups and gender responsive development”

The Ministry objectives are to:
(i) Promote decent employment opportunities and labour productivity;
(ii) Enhance effective participation of communities in the development process;
(iii) Enhance the resilience and productive capacity of the vulnerable persons for inclusive growth;
(iv) Empower youth to harness their potential and increase self-employment, productivity and competitiveness;
(v) Promote rights, gender equality & equity and women empowerment in the development process;
(vi) Strengthen the performance of the Social Development Sector (SDS) institutions; and
(vii) Redress imbalances and promote equal opportunity for all.